Collection: FAQ

1. Can all series of Peacock watches be purchased online?
We only sell Peacock products through a network of specially selected dealers. In some cases, these resellers may sell our products outside of retail stores and through their own websites. We strongly recommend that you remain vigilant and ensure that you purchase products through an authorized Peacock dealer. Buyers bear solely all risks resulting from purchasing Peacock products through unauthorized merchants, especially counterfeit, substandard or stolen products.

2. What is the error of the watch?
Daily difference -10 seconds ~ +20 seconds

3. What is sapphire glass? What is the hardness? Will it scratch? Can any scratches be polished?
The sapphire glass used in watches is artificial. Its main component is aluminum oxide, which is not easy to wear. If it encounters a substance that is harder than it or the same substance rubs against each other (such as diamond, etc.), it will also be scratched. Scratches cannot be polished and can only be replaced with new ones.

4. Why can’t a 30M/50M waterproof watch be used for swimming or bathing?
30M/50M waterproof means that the watch can withstand 3/5 atmospheric pressure. Its standard premise must be under laboratory conditions, temperature: 20~25 degrees Celsius, and both water and watch are stationary. When swimming, the watch and the water are in relative motion. The pressure of the water on the watch exceeds the pressure of 30M/50M water depth, and the risk of water entering the watch is very high. The reason why you cannot take a bath with your watch is that mechanical watches use rubber rings for waterproofing. Excessive temperature differences will cause the rubber rings to expand with heat and contract with cold, and water vapor will penetrate into the movement and corrode it.

5. How to maintain watch straps?
Belt maintenance methods:
①. Keep it clean: take it off frequently for cleaning and wipe it with a soft cloth to increase its lifespan.
②. Maintenance at any time: Wipe the watch clean as soon as it gets dirty, especially the leather strap, and try to avoid soaking it with sweat.
③. Avoid exposure: The leather watch strap should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, so it should be avoided in the car. The suitable temperature is between 5 degrees and 35 degrees.
Maintenance of silicone watch strap:
① Avoid being oxidized and affected by extreme external environments. The so-called extreme environments include ultra-high temperatures, ultra-low temperatures, or external forces that the tape cannot withstand, etc.
②Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. If not worn for a long time, you can place it in an airtight plastic bag to exclude air and store it.
③Avoid contact with corrosive items (such as washing powder, etc.).
④ Avoid contact with sharp objects.
⑤ Silicone watch straps have a shelf life, which is about 3 to 5 years.

6. How many years does the watch need to be maintained?
Tourbillon watches, like all precision instruments, require regular maintenance. Since the watch model, climate, and wearer's maintenance status are different, it is impossible to specify the period between regular maintenance. It is generally recommended that the watch should be sent to a professional repair shop for maintenance every 2-3 years. . Don't think that as long as the watch keeps accurate time, it doesn't need maintenance. This will cause great damage to the watch. Its waterproof performance should be tested before the rainy season every year to ensure that the waterproof performance is good.

7. Why is the walking time inaccurate?
There are three common situations where inaccurate timekeeping occurs: The first is: magnetization, which means your watch is exposed to strong magnetic fields, such as around speakers, mobile phones, computers or refrigerators, and other electromagnetic devices. The second is: the movement malfunctions due to external factors, and the third is: the lubricating oil of the movement components solidifies if it is not worn for a long time.

8. Why do rust spots appear on the watch case?
The materials used for watch cases mainly contain nickel, chromium, and titanium. Nickel and chromium are afraid of corrosion by strong alkali and strong acid. The sweat excreted by the human body contains hydrochloric acid. If the watch is worn on the hand, if it is corroded by sweat for a long time or the acid, alkali and salt dirt is allowed to accumulate without wiping off, rust spots will gradually appear on the watch case, especially the low recessed area on the back cover. Appear. Therefore, you should pay attention to the maintenance of your watch at ordinary times, and frequently wipe off dust accumulation, sweat, etc. on the watch case. In addition, care should be taken to avoid wearing the watch in strong acid, strong alkali and other situations.
If the electroplated watch case changes color during wearing, it is caused by a chemical reaction. You should pay attention to the chemical substances such as cosmetics and perfumes.